This week the Something Awful Forum Goons volunteered their time to improve some of the advertisements put out by the Ad Council, a non-profit group dedicated to important public service announcements such as "don't put crack cocaine in your body and shoot children" and "don't get beaten by your parents or spouse." It's the kind of in-your-face advertising that saves lives and makes the world a better place. Naturally we derailed that glorious charge towards a better world, because we hate good things.

Special Police Wong is responsible for starting this theme as well as several unsolved arsons in his neighborhood. He is armed, dangerous, and mentally unstable. Apprehend with caution.

You may be afraid to beat your child, but Manos del Sino isn't.

If arkine was twice the man he is, this image wouldn't be half bad.

Food Boner yelled at his mouse and keyboard until this image popped up on screen, then he yelled some more. He's still yelling.

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