Memorabeliac takes us on a rock odyssey far greater than anything any progressive rock band has ever done.

Without his Centrum Silver multivitamin supplement for active adults 50 and older, niblet99 would not have had the strength to complete this image.

Watommi made this highly pornographic image. Well, not really, but wouldn't that be something if it was? No? Okay. No, you're right.

fork banger graduated magna cum laude from the technical college of ROCK.

Hayburner is clever, but probably not clever enough to think his way out of my murder house.

And that's that! Thanks as always to the Something Awful Forum Goons for making these fine images, and Geethree for getting this theme started. Tune in next week for Photoshopped images of your mailbox. That's right, we took pictures.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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