So, in other dog news: Josh "Thunderbeard" Pugh was thumbing through Dog Fancy (SA front-page contributors receive a complimentary subscription to literally every magazine that's published, just one of the perks) when he discovered the caption contest "Two Words." Readers submit photos of their dogs along with two descriptive words, which, as seen on this sample page, range from the expected ("Wanna Play?") to the odd ("Fruit Crazy.") Initially, some of the SA Forum Goons were skeptical about putting together their own "Two Words" captions, fretting that the results might be too similar to the stigmatized LOLcats. But then forums user Gurpelvenn cleared everything up with a Venn Diagram. Man, I fucking love Venn Diagrams. Is there anything they can't do?

Anyway, I've compiled their best efforts. Some of the images are kinda cute, and others are really, really, really not.

Mr. Pibbleton




– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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