In the world of relaxation tapes, there isn't much beyond running streams, beaches, gentle forests, and a few other bland topics. Frankly, listening to the same waterfall over and over again is boring and hardly relaxing when you consider the ease of which it could kill one of your loved ones. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons sought to expand the relaxation tape market by coming up with some new ideas sure to soothe your weary soul and put your mind to rest.

noapparentfunction got out of his hammock for once and made this image, thus starting this Phriday.

Ladies and gentlemen, King Gonad will now fly his Chinook helicopter over the lake to the music of Ray Charles!

guise is like a heartbeat. BEAT STREET????

Jip_Bip_Jo's rotting carcass will one day decorate a ditch on the side of the road if I have anything to say about things.

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