Since the dawn of normal, man has been fascinated with the paranormal. It excites us by breaking all the rules and by posing questions that cannot be readily answered through any conventional means. If normal plays it straight and keeps us all in line, paranormal stays out past curfew and smokes while probing the mysteries of redneck anuses or lingering like ghosts trapped in limbo. This week we here at Something Awful attempted to explore the paranormal to see if there was anything worth laughing at there. It turns out the answer was a triumphant "nope!" It was a train wreck, with countless mangled attempts at images scattered everywhere. In between the vicious rainstorm of pixilated horror were bold proclamations of "I'm a newbie, this is my first Photoshop, be gentle." Tragic stuff. But the show must go on, so I picked out the few images that didn't make me want to vomit bile all over myself and submit them for your potential amusement. Enjoy them if you want, if not, I don't care.

Scary as a Sack of Haunted Potatos

Look closely, and you can spot a bonus Futurama joke in this "Unbelievably Fat Man" image.

"XK" fears no evil when it comes to breakfast cereals.

I'll never turn away a good Slimer joke, and this one "tonkafloss" strikes me as good.

"Coonan" returns to action with this tale of of marshmallows and flame:

"Anarchon" apparently can't handle a little gaping anus:

"blairerickson" actually makes "The Ring" scary.

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