Every year we are bombarded with new gadgets and technological innovations to make life easier. Most of the time these new inventions are just useless piles of crap that end up rotting on a shelf and never get used. That's not to sound overly pessimistic, because sometimes a new device will actually serve a function and end up getting more use than a Saigon whore. But we aren't going to dwell on success because when it comes to uslessness, the Something Awful Forum Goons are masters of the universe. As usual, they supplied a bevy of comedy-packed "funny pictures" that you can look and laugh at, fall and love with, but not legally marry.

Useless Tools, the Prequel

"scrutinizer" isn't dense, that Goldfish is just too sneaky.

"King Vitamin" has lots of peices of an ace up his sleeve:

If only "Flying-Squid" could figure out why his remotes never work:

I'M SOLD! Thanks "jaybill", you're a hero to innovation!

"Triggur" knows that a clean fursuit is the only thing keeping you from being a total loser. Or maybe not.

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