The Something Awful Goons spent the week doing business in Tahiti so this Phriday is going to showcase two different Photoshop threads from our forums. Actually, there was no business in Tahiti, so I'm a filthy liar. We're just showing off a couple smaller Photoshop endeavors that would otherwise fall through the cracks and end up alone, isolated, and without hope of ever seeing the light of day again, like TV's Wil Wheaton. The subjects of this here Variety Pack include:

Chinese Propaganda: The Goons, in their always politically correct ways, mucked up a bunch of classic propaganda art from China. It's not quite "Most Favored Nation" status, but hey, I'm sure China appreciates a good jab every now and then.

AMD ME: Several months ago one of AMD's ad campaigns found itself the victim of parody, Goon style. After rotting away in oblivion for a while, it now rots away here for all to see.

Hi-yo, gang! We've got another small round of propaganda bashing this week, and some wacky parodies of a dopey ad campaign. As in all editions of Photoshop Phriday, everything here comes courtesy of the denizens of our forums. They're our own special busy bees eager to sting the world with painful comedy that causes swelling and sometimes death.

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