Are you presently suffering from soccer fever, tennis elbow, creeper mania, lust surplus, smartphone syndrome, piracy of your industry, or any other hip, topical ailment? Well, take shelter in the latest Variety Pack installment of Photoshop Phriday, which features a variety of topics, none of which have anything to do with today's hot-button issues! The SA Forum Goons cover grandma stuff like coffee mugs and tattoos, plus zombies and robots (both of which are clearly "out" compared to vampires). Enjoy your lukewarm bowl of hodgepodge porridge, Goldilocks!

ZeroPrimal had a simple request: "Take two things that don't belong together, and mash them together." You'd think such a strangely broad theme would have supplied enough images to fill a Phriday by itself, but, well, here we are!

SlightButSteady starts us off with something uplifting.

Yabanjin keeps the glorious feelings flowing.

Bloody Hedgehog makes your brain slip and do the slide.

Episode's contribution won't change the past, but it makes the present so much nicer.

Darth Brooks created a thing of beauty; destroy it forever!

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