The world is shit, right? It fucking sucks. There's war, and all disease and famine and crap everywhere. Fuck. We might as well all die right now. It seems great minds think alike, as forums poster Thingyman apparentlyhad a similar thought, albeit with a slightly different conclusion. That conclusion? "Let's make the world a better place!" Not by any sort of actual physical exertion, god no, but by making funny photoshops and putting them on-line!


Jesus christ the world is depressing, so let's do the only thing that can be done, and pretend it's not!

Because everything always turns out for the best.

Come on, turn those frowns, upside down!

It's so easy to be positive! Just look at this:

Mighty depressing huh? Well worry no more!

Everything will be fine! The world is fine!!!

I WILL make this world better, one jpeg at a time.

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