First Person Shooters

For extra difficulty invert your controls.

For super difficulty also put horizontal aim speed at the slowest possible setting and vertical aim speed at the fastest setting.

For impossible difficulty also stand behind the monitor/tv.

Role Playing Games

For extra difficulty never change/upgrade your equipment.

For super difficulty also never talk to anyone.

For impossible difficulty also turn the game off and delete your save files when you encounter an inn or tavern.

Turn-Based Strategy

For extra difficulty only attack by dropping a grenade at your feet while standing next to an enemy.

For super difficulty also make all of your decisions instantly and only move one space per turn.

For impossible difficulty also end the entire run/campaign when you miss an attack.

Character Action Games

For extra difficulty only move by slowly walking backwards.

For super difficulty also stop playing when your character shouts some variation of "Uh oh!" or "This isn't good!" or "Woah woah woah!"

For impossible difficulty also break all the bones in your fingers.


For extra difficulty shoot the ball/puck immediately no matter where you are or which direction you're facing.

For super difficulty also lose track of which defender you are controlling, and figure it out by pressing the button that makes you fall down on the ground.

For impossible difficulty also play while wearing a baseball glove, boxing glove, bowling glove, and football helmet. On both hands.


For extra difficulty always attack every town guard and NPC you come across.

For super difficulty also refuse to spend any of your skill points.

For impossible difficulty also cancel your subscription and unplug your internet.

Narrative Games

For extra difficulty play while listening to a particularly dense podcast.

For super difficulty also reload your last save every time you learn something about a character's past.

For impossible difficulty also set the language to one you are completely unfamiliar with.

ARPGs (Diablo-likes)

For extra difficulty refuse to pick up loot, and never repair your armor/weapons.

For super difficulty also run past all enemies and only fight bosses.

For impossible difficulty also unplug your mouse and give it a ten minute rest after every click.

Fighting Games

For extra difficulty move toward the opponent with your guard down every time they throw a punch or kick.

For super difficulty also use the Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike controller:

For impossible difficulty also turn the difficulty up to the highest setting.

– Dennis Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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