Those sly dogs at 3D Realms have been working the internet into a disinterested frenzy for the past few weeks with teaser images of Duke Nukem Forever. It all began with this picture that was posted along with a job opening at Gamasutra:

I didn't forget to link that thumbnail to the real image. That's the whole thing. According to George Broussard:

That's an in game, real-time shot of Duke standing in a random hallway. It was really done as a small teaser for a job ad on Nothing more.

I'm glad some of you enjoyed it, and we'll show more later as we start to wake from our slumber and decide how best to show the game off.

This spurred numerous questions about Duke Nukem Forever. Will the game run in 200X125 resolution? If that's in-game, how can players possibly see where they're going when the camera is always five feet in front of Duke facing backwards? Was the advertised job opening available due to retirement?

Even more questions arose when a new teaser image popped up:

How many graphic designers did it take to slap a pig's head on the body of a Locust grunt from Gears Of War? Will every level be a featureless black box with one enemy so the game can run at a reasonable framerate while displaying all the perfectly shaded bump-mapped pig veins that gamers demand?

While none of these questions have been answered, I have a feeling that the hype train will continue to slowly roll backwards down a hill once the internet gets ahold of these exclusive Duke Nukem Forever images that we have obtained. Remember, these are in game, real-time shots:

Whoa, the action in this game looks almost as intense as the lighting effects!

Here we see Las Vegas, rendered more beautifully than ever before.

One of the new anthropomorphic enemies you'll face. If you thought pig cops were bad, wait until you see pug politicians.

Our hero rescuing a damsel in distress from the clutches of an undead baddie. Note the realistic blood effects.

It wouldn't be a Duke Nukem game without a stripper! This particular model was obviously based on Scarlett Johansson. Better hope she doesn't sue, boys.

A stunning display of the game's advanced physics. I had no idea elephants could bounce that high!

Haha, good old toilet humor. Note that you can actually plunge toilets now, so you're no longer limited to just peeing then flushing. This truly is next-gen stuff.

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– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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