Emo Kid

You know you really fucked up as a parent if your child ever becomes an emo faggot. Maybe you didn't hold your child enough, maybe you didn't talk to them enough, but whatever you did, you turned your kid into this. And for that you should be imprisoned on an island where all bad parents go. We'll call it... uhm... Bad Parent Island. God I'm so unoriginal.

It's called, "being 16". The trick is to not act this way when you are 30.

I know you don't just cut yourself and cry all the time. You also whine.

Emo is emo is emo is douchebag.

The thing... about being emo... is... that... we listen... to... our... emotions ...and thoughts... and feelings... and have sex with men...

To be truly emo you have to buy a deep fryer and spread the grease from the fryer into your hair every single day.

It's short for Elmo.

Maybe because you are an ass.

Oh, no. An emo fag complaining about being called a lazy punk. It's like when pot smokers get mad that people call them lazy stoners. Well, there's nothing wrong with smoking weed, but come on, you guys are really fucking lazy. Nothing wrong with that!

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