Just because we feature a forum here at Weekend Web does not mean that we hate the people who post on that forum or that we condemn what they are doing, with the exception of racists and pedophiles I guess. We're just poking fun at people here. We're just having fun. Don't sweat it.


I don't understand these family web sites. I don't see why your family needs a web page or why anybody needs to know about it. You go to these web sites and it's like, "HI WE'RE THE ROBERTSON FAMILY AND THIS IS OUR HOME PAGE PLEASE PUT YOUR FEET UP AND MAKE YOURSELF COMFY" and there are roughly four million animation gifs and midis embedded into the page. But this family web site is different. They have a message board where you can ask Jesus questions and learn how to inseminate goats all in one convienent location.

Maybe you should ask Jesus to cure your dyslexia instead.

Punker you are a genius.


Haha written by sdqa. Idea came from PUNKER. Hahaha.

But can it clean up semen?

Angel Goten you are the living end!

Thank you Greenspun family for bringing together people for a common good.

When I go to raves I drink several glowsticks before I go and dance my fat glowing ass off.

I want a free conga.

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