I thought this place was called "PsiPig" at first, which I think was a lot better. The word PsiPog is actually an acronym that I didn't care enough about to remember at the time. If I had to wing it, I'd say it's Plenty of Sad Individuals and Plenty Of Gravy. These dudes bend spoons and cast spells and enjoy all the benefits that come with such incredible power over space and time.

Alas, "Raijin's" bowflex was purchased in vain.

A good citizenship award goes out to "Joshy" for being polite and avoiding the crude but succinct "what the fuck is this shit" any lesser man would've posted.

You'd better believe the community was SHOCKED when Gonzo finally revealed himself as a Family Guy fan. Nobody saw it coming.

"thenadnil" is a modern day Dr. Dolittle (when it comes to women, anyway)

An hour well spent! Chalk that one up to experience.

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