That story was getting boring but then his friend made it hardcore.

You know we live in a horrid society when a guy can't even get help with some dumb internet thing.

This one time, I had sex with a girl.

There are many more places to have sex with a man than the anus.

"ratboy", you'll fit in just fine here.

"hendrix094" has been persecuted all his life. Poor guy.

CSI is for shitheads. Law and Order forever ese.

Special thanks to my FYAD friends Iceberg-Slim, Tarid, Karnivore, El_Geeko, Rocket Zionist, The Young Homer, Jadeite2, Lamb Scam, amiches, PandaExpr355, Kaelan Zero, ZGW, L Dopa, GoblinBomb, crazyfist, Sackmo, crazysim, redrummer11, meat linux, repsnake, Bosko, Incoherence, Phantom Sanders, Riotgrill, puffery, DeathJester, and district 12 for contributing to this report.

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– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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