At least it's funnier than Penny Arcade.

Oh no it's "The Truth". Stay away girls!


Hillarious gimmick, man.

Anyay, we were in a grapple. That was when I felt his large package brush up against my arm. I don't remember who initiated it, but it was then that we embraced eachother in a long, passionate kiss. I kissed him deep, my tongue lashing against his. I mouth fucked him with my tongue and he licked my boogers out of my nose. He motioned me towards a park bench and proceded to take off my short. He pulled down my underwear and gazed at my now hardened cock. "I hope I have room for this meal! It's okay, I had Subway for lunch." he said, and took my cock into my mouth.

This is like the homeless guy that stands on the freeway offramp and talks to himself.


Thanks for the help.

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