Actual Incest

When I was younger I saw a political advertisement on television where a guy running for some sort of office was promising tougher laws against rape and incest. Confused, I asked my mother what incest was. She must have misunderstood me because she said, "They are these things where you light them on fire and they make the room smell nice." Satisfied with the answer I went on my merry way with this new wrinkle of knowledge in my brain. Days later we were talking about something or other in math class and I told the class that I liked incest and that I didn't know why there were laws against it. The teacher became visibly alarmed and I thought I had done something wrong. She sent me to the principal's office and once I described to them what I thought incest was they calmed down and let me go. My parents eventually explained to me what incest really is and that I had confused it with incense. It was then that I made it my life long goal to change the word incense so that it could never be confused with incest again. I think we should call them Flaginas instead.

So here's a forum about incest. Keep a barf bag handy. You may need it.

When a woman makes love to me it's strictly business.

I wonder what the world would be like if they made incense that smelled like farts.

If there is one statement in this image that disturbs you I bet it's, "i was an officer for the police".

Well someone is having a merry Christmas.

I know I am!

I don't like big butts, sorry.

This guy should write for Reader's Digest.

Now this is what I'm talking about.

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