I'm not exactly sure what Generations is. When I recieved this link from a reader a few weeks ago he stated that it was a forum for a real dance club that was a big hang out for worthless teenagers. I thought it was an experiment that put mice in front of computers and made them post on a message board. But then I realized not even mice would say such stupid shit. Whatever this board is it can enjoy the honor of being this week's token stupid fucking teenager forum of the week.

Most people I've known who were named Katie were actually bitches. "whatever" is learning this first hand.

This is one of those threads where no one really reads what the other users have posted. They just reply to the thread and hope someone pays attention to them.

DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE- errr I gotta go. My mom wants me to get off AOL.

The following are no doubt products of the public education system.

Oh you babstard.

Did I hear something? I thought that sounded like "goody2shoes" posting a thread. Oh, guess not.

A revolution of what? Typing in all caps and acting like an utter fuckface on the internet?

Oh poor you.

These are the future auto mechanics and Wal Mart cashiers of America.

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