No father. Diagnosis complete. Next please.

You could listen to it while leveling in World of WarCraft. You'll become confident in no time!

Hypnotize the clit.

Step aside. Let a real man handle this. Mr. Churchill, thanks for helping us out with this. Now we've been working her clit for three hours and...

You sly dog you. I have my own techniques. I usually say something like, "You guys going to the restroom??? Gonna take a dump, huh? Heh, don't let me keep those puppies waiting... Oh you want to shit on me? I'd be delighted.

Very classy.

Mix in a little Price is Right in honor of Bob Barker's last show. Ask the girls how much you paid for your cheap ass Cologne and the one who gets the closest without going over gets the honor of sleeping with you. Works. Every. Time.

I apologize for my gender.

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