If you don't know how to do anything in life, wikiHow is the wiki for you. It has instructions on how to do everything from fending off grandma to stopping your crippling anime addiction. It's hard to tell which ones are serious and which ones are fakeposts. That's why we present, YOU decide.

How to relate to an Atheist: Stroke their ego by saying how much smarter they are than people who believe the fairy tale that is the bible. Pretend you aren't disgusted by their pretentiousness.

How to stay the night at grandma's house. Remember, grandma is awfully boring and she smells, but with a few handy tips you WILL survive!

I actually met Jesse James. Maybe I will chronicle my adventures in the Daily Dirt but I probably won't.

I tried these techniques with grandma and they WORKED. Thanks wikiHow!

I don't like her lips though. I hate kissing. It's just the gatekeeper to the pussy.

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