A lot of the time when I see a bad idea I think, "Well, it's still a better idea than GoGurt!" or sometimes, "At least it ain't GoGurt!"

This week's forums are all worse than GoGurt.


A new exercise craze is taking anime clubs and basements by storm. Basically all you do is go to an arcade and play "Dance Dance Revolution" for a while, making sure to gyrate your disgusting, sweaty body around as much as possible. Then, the intense energy given off by onlookers' brains as they frantically try to forget what they just saw helps melt away unsightly pounds.

Be still, my heart.

If I ever did these things I'd ask someone to stab me.

Suck it in a little harder and you could totally pass for 190.

Except for lettuce, apples, bananas, or basically any fresh fruits or vegetables.

Next time I hope you fall crotch first into a pile of hot coals.

There is a magical pill but you have to be a level 20 dorkwad to use it. Since you made contact with a girl I don't think you qualify, sorry.

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