Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time. When we have problems in life we can usually go to a parent, a friend, or Frolixo. There are some people however who seem to think the internet is a great place to get advice. From their girlfriends to their dicks, these people have no idea what's going on and believe it's a swell idea to confer with similiar people who mostly likely know less than they do. Did you miss your period and think you're pregnant? Don't go to a doctor! Just log onto the INTERNET and someone will be with you right away. Is your boyfriend abusing you? Don't go to a trained professional, no way! Just get on the teen advice forum and icyh0tstunna@aol.com will fix you right up! Give me a fucking break.

Uhm, so you want to be a cat therapist? I mean, I've heard of a lot of pointless jobs in my day, Disneyland Cast Member, Gamestop employee, webmaster, but this one just takes the cake.

Nokia should capitalize on this idea right now. "Girlfriend can't suck dick worth shit?! GET AN N-GAGE MOBILE GAME DECK AND PLAY ALL THE HOTTEST NEW GAMES WHILE YOUR INEXPERIENCED GIRLFRIEND FUMBLES WITH YOUR COCK."

This girl is in an abusive relationship. There is nothing funny about that. What IS funny is how the guy in the following image tries to score with her. Uhm, sure Bruce Lee, I'll be right over! You can hold me in your arms and protect me tonight.

Boy, that sure did come out of no where didn't it?

It's illegal in God's eyes, sinners.

Dear Sir,
Sir, the restraining order means she doesn't like you.
Thank you, sir.

I told my girlfriend I was going out for coffee. That was over six years ago.

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