Every Thanksgiving Holiday we have a tradition around the Spokker household, I watch Law and Order in my underwear, get drunk off my ass, and eventually fall asleep to some low-grade softcore porn movie on Showtime. Because of this the quality of Weekend Web ends up taking a dive. Yes folks, it's much worse than usual. You'll see something similiar around Christmas time when I traditionally dress up as Santa Claus and piss all over the neighbor's yard. Anyway, happy holidays everyone!

Video Game Forums

It's another fine contribution from some of Battle.net's brightest members!

You see what you want to see.

Head admin?! In a Yahoo chat room?! You've got quite the catch there my good man!

I tried to get an N-Gage to work today and I failed at it. I consider this a personal defeat that I may never recover from.

Before hard drugs ruined my life and I used to go to school practically every Asian kid played Starcraft and / or Counterstrike. It seems to me that these people with their high GPAs and quick reaction times may someday take over the world.

If you're going to start kicking people's asses because they suck so much you better kick your own "Tama00"! OHHH ICEBURN.

I've never heard of any card running a game that looks just like real life but what would I know? I don't post on the Steam forums.

The funny thing about this guy is that he was asking about the Radeon 9800 XT. You can get a good frame rate in Counterstrike on a STB Velocity 128 for Christ's sake.

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