It is said that the United States is a great big melting pot consisting of many different cultures. But there are some nutjobs that believe a soup composed entirely of cabbage somehow tastes better. These people are called racists. Back in the 1950s a racist could be a terrible powder keg of anger and confusion. Today however, so many laws have been passed that bigots are pretty much powerless in the real world. The new racist of the 21st century has now taken refuge online for all of us to laugh at. Is internet hilarity really the answer though?

I personally believe racists deserve nothing less than to have the nails on their fingers ripped off one by one before being dipped in salt while in the front row of an American Idol taping. After the show they would have their eyelids cut off and carted over to Roseanne's house where the they would watch her have anal sex with a clone of herself that happens to have a penis. When that's over they would pee in a blender and then have their genitals cut off or scooped out. The resulting concoction would be mixed and blended and then gulped down by the offender. The racist would then be placed inside the vagina of a five hundred pound woman, or if a five hundred pound woman is unavailable, a pit filled with cat shit and Pizza Hut Philly Cheese Steak pizza. Their skin would be burned off by acidic vagina juices until the muscles and guts are exposed and then shot by the ghost of Batman's snooty butler. Well then, on with the show!

Racial wars? Musical terrorism? This guy is nuttier than the hit film "Patch Adams".

I don't think White Nationalists understand how to cook a TV dinner much less understand economics. You've gotta cut a slit, remove the film from the mashed potatoes, rotate the thing, and no matter what you do it still ends up being frozen on one side and burning hotter than the eternally damned pits of Hell on the other. It kind of bothers me you know.

That's funny. I don't remember any Nazis returning to no mist filled valleys or wooded vales or whatever the fuck this idiot is talking about.

You know what "Bradford"? You've convinced me! I'm going to tell my girlfriend to open her legs right this instant and we're going to start pumping out children like no tommorrow. SOON THE CHURCH RICHES SHALL BE OURS!!!

Before we start tackling Jewish questions I've got some of my own. For example, how is "Saturday Night Live" still on the air? How did Paris Hilton get a television show? Is Alf ever going to return to television? Why doesn't anybody ever listen to me and remake the classic "Small Wonder"?

I knew it! See kids, that's why we only drink our own urine. We don't know where that fucking Jew water has been.

Uhm, thanks for the cheese?

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