Who Posts There: members got on their parents' computer one day, searched for Britney Spears and somehow the Bolt forums popped up. One can't help but wonder how they managed to register and log into an internet message board, but hey, they're here.

What is Posted There: The usual teen shit. Am I pregnant? Am I gay? What is this shit coming out of my genitals? It just goes on and on.

Seeing as how women can lose their virginity riding a horse, I wouldn't know.

There is no fucking way I am reading all that shit.

You constantly tease and flirt with this guy at school and now he won't leave you alone? Why am I not surprised? It's kind of like when girls go up to guy's bedrooms or hotel rooms and when they get raped they act all surprised. While I don't condone raping anyone, what the fuck did you expect would happen? Did you think you'd two change into your pajamas and play Connect Four and watch music videos all night?

Which Law and Order is your favorite? Mine is the original. I can't stand the rest of them. And fuck CSI. It's a goddamn rip off.

Did I mention they have a games forum?

Thank you for that great recomendation for a game no one has definately never heard of before! You're super!

I heard PS4 was going to cost $100,000 and turn into a giant robot on command and crush your enemies.


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