Intellectual Whores

The Ladder Theory is one of my favorite theories of all time simply due to the sheer patheticness of it all. Basically, you've got guys who strike out with women so badly they rationalize it by saying "all women are stupid slut bitches and I'm a nice guy" and they call that a theory. I call it really sad.

"Bean" is not a romantic by any means.

Bitches, leave.

Looks like "Tollan" has got our number (but not the numbers of any girls).

Yeah, girls are stupid. Meanwhile you clowns have hundreds and sometimes thousands of posts on a goddamn male inadequacy excuse message board.

I have my own Ladder Theory Theory which states, "Anyone who takes the Ladder Theory seriously is a faggot nerd who attempts to project blame on women for not liking their unattractive appearance, enormous smelly body, and / or lack of a job." Just try and disprove that shit.

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