Nothing brings out the worst in people like an Internet crisis. As we have seen with the "OMG DIGG CENSORSHIP" fiasco a few months back, Internet users are overemotional, quick to blame, and all around pathetic. Recently LiveJournal experienced one of their own Internet crises and those affected and unaffected showed themselves to be no more than drama queens about it.

Basically what happened is that LiveJournal accidentally suspended a bunch of accounts in their attempts to boot pedophiles and child predators off the service. Nothing was lost forever so no harm no foul right? Of course, nothing brings out the retard in Internet users quite like a pointless crisis.

Seems fair. They made a mistake, they handled it. What more do you need?

These things always start the same way.

Somehow people who get a stick up their ass about others who attempt to get first post are worst than those who get first post. Jesus Christ.

This is a serious situation!

Never let up. You've got principles. Stick to them no matter how many people think you're an anal retentive asshole.

War... war never changes.

Now that that's taken care of, let's get to the heart of the matter. That is, Miss Anime Avatar, who is probably a guy anyway, isn't coming back to LiveJournal! Oh no, there's like 5,000 more where he came from.

You are forgiven LiveJournal guy... but we will never forget...

Never let up on the ninja role play. It shows you mean business.

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