Okay, debate over.

Just because something isn't real doesn't mean it's not real. I use this concept to justify all my crazy beliefs!

If a message is posted on the Internet and no one reads it, does it not exist???

Well, those are TV gays. Us Internet gays dress like cowboys.

Our flag should feature a dick going inside a vagina and it should be erected (heh) high atop the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. These fags have had it too good for too long! It's time to take back our country and proclaim our way of life!

If I had all the power in the world, I wouldn't make peace or love or any of that bullshit. I'd model the Harry Potter series in MY GLORIOUS VISION. My Ron Weasly/Harry Potter romance story arc WILL see the light of day.

Yeah well thanks for explaining the obvious dummy. We ALL knew that.

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