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Like most political issues, the legalization of marijuana is one that I don't give a shit about one way or the other. There are people on both sides who are fighting passionately for what they believe is right, and I respect that, but you have to hand it to the stoners for continuing to fight when they themselves provide the best argument for why more weed isn't a good thing. To illustrate this, have a look at the YaHooka Forums. It's like listening to the people who talked in shop class all over again.

Without his pipe, Marques is probably rolling in his grave. Rolling joints that is!

okay you know how atoms have a nucleus and there is stuff orbiting the nucleus right well what if our sun is like a nucleus and the planets are electrons and our whole solar system is just an atom and all of our universe is just a speck of dust on top of some gigantic alien's weed stash woaahhhhhhhh

Q: How do you get 20 stoners to be productive members of society?

A: ?????

I was out in the woods and saw a deer lighting up once but I could have been dreaming.


I wish "alienhed420" would relapse back to when he didn't post on the Internet.

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