Let me tell you a story from my youth. When I was a teenager my friend attempted to get me into anime. I watched a few movies and TV shows and thought it was okay. My friend convinced me to shell out 40 bucks and go to an anime convention with him. It was called the Anime Expo. This guy wanted to spend all night watching really bad hentai in hot smelly theaters with other dorks and I just had nothing better to do.

Here's what you do if you are ever getting into anime and want it to stop before it's too late and you become a blithering idiot posting Azumanga Diaoh animated gifs on some loser anime forum. Go to an anime convention. Nothing could have made me hate anime more than spending 12 hours a day watching the worst Japan had to offer.

The worst part of the entire convention though, were the jerks dressed up as characters from their favorite anime shows. And as if full grown consenting adults dressing up as anime characters wasn't bad enough, they dragged their children along and made them dress up as anime characters too! That should be child endangerment! I was ready to call 911 right then and there.

I knew I hated anime though, the second I saw the guy with the fat hairy ass in a Sailor Moon costume. I'm surprised the guy wasn't arrested for indecent exposure. Christ. For four years that memory was burned into my eyelids and I could not escape that hideous image. It has been only recently that I have been able to come to terms with what I saw. is the web site dedicated to the man in the Sailor Moon costume. Someone should tell these people that halloween is only one day a year.

No self-respecting black person would be caught dead cosplaying. Unless he's cosplaying as Link.

I hope Versace comes out with their new Chobits line of designer fasions.

I hope you'll give me a blow by blow.

It's not acceptable to cosplay anything anywhere but you're probably going to do it anyway so I say go for it!

When I was in high school it was funny to see all the cosplaying faggots come out on Halloween. Everybody thought they were just dressing as Sailor Moon because it was halloween but little did they know they were actually dressing up like that everyday at home.

This can only end in rape.

This man is living the American dream.

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