It's time for another installment of Christians on the Internet! This time we're featuring the fundie kids from Teens-4-Christ. Whether it's challenging evolution and failing or blaming rape on the victim, Teens-4-Christ is fun for the whole family, if they are fundie assholes that is!

I'm convinced!

If you asked scientists why new humans don't walk out of the zoo they would give you a really good answer that would explain everything.

My friends watched me get a blowjob once and now they are real estate moguls so that pretty much disproves your theory!

Holy shit Dilbert, give it a rest.

How dare you insult my pasta based religion. Yeah, that's some fine religious tolerance, Christians!

Doctor doctor I have cancer what do I do??? Praise the Lord!

Check Luke 19:19. It details Noah's brother's floating aquarium he was instructed by God to build.

Nuh-uh, nuh-uh, what makes science science is that even established theories can be disproved by new evidence! Nyah, take that Godboy!

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