Yes No Maybe

Are you the kind of person who does dumb things? Do you want advice from other people who have done even stupider things? Then Yes No Maybe is for you! Here you will find an abundance of great advice from people who may or may not live in a state mental institution.

I don't care what the voices inside of your head tell you. Your human penis does not belong in a cat's asshole.

I'd pick the dog. He probably has a better job and makes more money as well.

Sue it and it will go away.

Don't have sex with transients?

People who jerk off to anime need to be locked up on an island somewhere and exploded into a million tiny pieces. Hey, I'm all for human rights, but these people ain't human!

What t-e f--k is going -n?

I'- str-k-ng my-c--- ---- as I read -his. ---- ----- --- - ----- John Elway.

Rape a virgin and you too might father Jesus number 2.

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