About a week ago I was at work and a retarded boy and his mother happened to come into the store. He immediately went for the Dragon Ball Z toys ranting and raving about the fifty percent off sticker. He says to his mom, "MOM!!! CAN I GET TWO DRAGON BALL TOYS?!?!?!" and his mom says, "No! I already bought you a toy!" And the kid goes, "BUT IT'S TRUNKS!!!!" I asked the manager for the key to the backroom because I couldn't keep myself from laughing. I ended up ringing the guy up while he regaled me with Dragon Ball Z stories. Before he left he informed me that he has two, count 'em, two Sailor Moon dolls. His mother muttered something about being on their way to a group home in San Diego and left in a scurry. I will never forget the lesson I learned that day.

Retards love anime.

There's drama afoot on the Neotaku forums.

You're just one incredible ball of excitement.

"Jason" really needs to get some fresh air.

Even the biggest fan of Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball thinks 3,200+ hours is a little too much.

This looks like the start of a beautiful relationship.

"NeoPlasmicEagle" buys Pocky because of the possibility that a Japanese factory worker might have sneezed on it.

Thanks for informing all of us that you are in fact female. I am now paying attention to you.

Hahaha this guy's friends are going to kick his ass if they ever find out he likes to watch anime.

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