One thing I've always, always hated about World of Warcraft are the Role Players - people who pretend they are important, fictional characters in game , only more so than the people who choose not to role play. As kind as it was for Blizzard to isolate them from the rest of us sane, normal, healthy individuals who spend 30 or more hours a week in game raising our numbers for no real purpose, they recently allowed many of the Role Playing Servers to engage in Player Versus Player combat with the introduction of Battlegrounds.

All previous unfounded allegations that all Role Players are untalented idiots at playing the game properly were made into fact. Not only are they awful, and do you have to play with them, but when you try to tell them in the nicest of terms (Please, you dumb asshole...), they respond with fake dialects and "in character" jargon that translates to us normal poopsockers as "Dumb Ren Faire Idiot".

Then, a Something Awful good made me aware of this fantastic player created mod called FlagRSP, which just about every Role Playing server character uses to describe their in-game character, as well as how to interact with them.

Basically, they make fun of themselves for us. Which is good, because that suits the needs of Art of Warcraft quite nicely.

Likes: Killing Dragons. Dislikes: Not Killing Dragons

His power leveling service… it’s over $9000!!!


If this profile doesn’t gross you out, or offend you, please Google Image Search “unbirthing”.

I like my 14 year olds like I like my coffee: fully developed, statutory and great with dental hygiene.

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