Here are facts for voters to choose solutions to problems created by ignoring God's wisdom.

HERE ARE FACTS that can break down misunderstandings, lies, and fears that cause conflicts in religions and governments.
No Gardens, Our Bodies Are Destroyed

A garden paradise that is the solution to: social security, terrorism, energy crisis, global warming, pollution of air, land, water, and food, , famine, drought, health care, retirement, child care and education and retirement gardens bring freedom and independence, a healthy lifestyle, and global prosperity, a true social security. God has solutions with no sorrow added.
Start ordering fruit trees and bushes and planning for your garden and useful pets.


I am a 63 year old woman, widowed about fifteen years. A variety of work and life experiences have prepared me to understand many areas of life. I graduated from Masuk High School in Monroe, Connecticut in 1962 with Business Courses. In living by the word of God as written, I have acquired skills needed by the president, National Security Adviser Homeland Security Director, military advisers, UN, EU, religions and media leaders.

Our seeking after the "deceitfulness of riches" is separating and isolating our family members and destroying our joy, giving us stress and sickness. The elections are very important now.
Natural human wisdom can see that if the United Nations and the European Union are successful to bring manufacturing, employment, every family have a car, every woman has an equally paid position outside the home, every child freely can go to college, and we all took tourist trips...

 (Men, that includes fishing and outdoor life, you don't have to wait.)

For less energy usage, less pollution and greater freedom from our bondages to oil. Holidays are celebrated for the family gathering together with an abundance of food. We can have that all year long. We are going the wrong way and it is easier to go the right way ... to the retired lifestyle of edible landscaping and useful pets ...


– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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