When you're a teen, insecurity starts to set in. Girls worry if their hair looks as pretty as the other girls in school. Guys hope they're wearing their pants just low enough, so all the girls can get a proper glimpse at their boxers. Soon, girls start wondering if their "secret gardens" are normal, and guys sneak peeks to see how they measure up. To ease this curiosity about others' crotches, the Something Awful Forum Goons flash their "special places."




Waffle grid
Waffle grid

Good morning Vagina! What should we do today?

Stick a Rapex condom in me and we'll shred and tear the day away! TAKE THEIR PENISES AS TROPHIES!!!! RAAAAAAAARRRGH

Goon reactions to penis-eating blood-sucking vagina:

Doc Block: "Why are there stretch marks around your asshole? "

Takis: "Is it... is it holding fire? oh god..."

Discount Bees
Discount Bees

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