Origami Underground, submitted by Creeping_Death. The fine art of Origami never looked so good as it does on Origami Underground. This Origami is too hot for TV and sure to make you wetter than a pine forest after a rain storm.

Origami Underground hopes to inject a little irreverence into the oh-so-proper origami world. It also aims to make available models that previously could only be shared "hand to hand". A central repository for all this stuff is really cool, and also lends acceptance and encouragement to inventors who might otherwise feel isolated or even guilty about their "sick" impulses.

Thank God for paper to fold! It keeps these menaces off the streets and in the study where they fold their filthy pornographic papers! Personally I think we should have an age limit on purchasing paper because lord knows a kid might take a couple sheets into his bedroom one night and come out the next morning blind, covered in hair, and with a sticky village of humping humanoids.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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