Hippie Personals, submitted by Crab Lips The Musical. Sometimes I sit around and think to myself "man, this apartment needs to smell more like patchouli and unwashed pubic hair." Usually the next step after thinking that is calling the suicide hotline, but then I realized I just needed some more hippies in my life. Thanks to Hippie Personals I must go hippieless no more!

Gravitate to Theosophy, Buddhism, Taoism, paganism, Gnosticism. Native American spirituality. Teach classes in aura reading, and pranic healing. I do yoga and walk for exercise and enjoyment.

Hair and makeup by meth!

I love the mountains, rain and waterfalls. I am described as a "rare bird" & am not a taker.

A giant retard hat AND a fucking Phish t-shirt?! The people must be going to the hippie version of those "take your photo as a cowboy" booths at fairs.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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