Boiled Alive!, submitted by Tummystone. One of the most well-known clichés of old adventure movies is to have primitive tribesmen capture the hero and heroine and then drop them into a huge cauldron to cook them alive. Movies stopped including this about 20 years ago because it was just plain silly. Unfortunately, they didn't stop including it soon enough, because a few people have become obsessed with the idea of tribesmen making woman soup. No obsession on the internet would be complete without a nice, big, unhealthy serving of weird sexualizing.

You couldn't ask for a much more complete representation of the fetish of boiling women alive than this site offers. They have everything except videos of 3D rendered women being boiled alive and it's just a matter of time before that shows up.

The stew about Baia began to steam gently. A low rumble could be heard as the water grew slowly but steadily hotter. Baia screamed and shouted at her captors and begged them for mercy. But her language was unknown to them. Her pleas wouldn't have done much good in any case. They simply smiled warmly at her and waited patiently for her to cook.

The artwork on the site seems mostly to be cartoons cribbed from magazines, but the "photographs" are hilariously bad Photoshops sure to delight. There is also an extensive fanfiction section and it's actually pretty rare to see that much fanfiction confined to such a specific topic. It's interesting that the whole "boiling women alive" fetish has not become popular enough for the guy that hosts the site to become self-righteous about it like furries. Oh, he still makes excuses for his fetish, but he admits it's really weird.

My fascination with this odd subject is hard to explain. Boiling alive is no doubt gruesome and horrifying. The implied cannibalism is even more disturbing. It is morbid curiousity and the excitement of peril that attracts me to the subject. Surprisingly, many others seem to share this weird fetish (thus, this publication). There is even a newsgroup devoted to the topic (see the section on related information for details). Perhaps you are one of them. Welcome! Please enjoy yourself. I provide a deeper examination of the issues in the commentary section. Your comments (good or bad) are very welcome.

I don't think your comments are really very welcome guys.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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