Although I normally try to avoid repeating themes (something that's very difficult to do after three years), there are some that I just can't wait to get back to. Classic comic book covers is one such theme. For some reason the comics of yesteryear all feature covers that, while great and exciting, require very little if any imagination to distort into something perverted or wrong. The amount of sexual repression manifesting itself in the form of ray guns and rocket ships and misogynist monsters is just plain inspiring, and perhaps one of mankind's greatest achievements. But this Phriday isn't just about perverted jokes, as we also dive into the realm of action, romance, and mystery! Because this theme garnered a lot of submissions from our stalwart Something Awful Forum Goons, it will be two parts, with the conclusion coming next week. Please enjoy!

Unkempt brings justice to millions killed by horrible Nazi policies.

Stan Lee Present's NotJust4Breakfast: Amazing War Profiteer!

When HypnoToad is president everyone will get free juice.

enigmahfc is the sound I mumble when a Frisbee slams into my groin.

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    Zagat's Guide to Poor Person Eating

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