Restricted Section, submitted by a desperate Google search for an ALOD. Erotic fan fiction has long been a staple of American freedom of speech. The first amendment protects our right to write disgusting stories featuring our favorite fictional underage characters! Unfortunately one British author, J.K. Rowling, and her team of ruthless freedom-hating lawyers, have decided to crack down on any and all fan fiction involving her beloved Harry Potter characters. You know, George Orwell was on to something. If only we took his novel as a sign of things to come.

But one web site is keeping the dream alive. As a testament to freedom of speech they are the last bastion of Harry Potter fan fiction where you can finally read about what would happen if Draco raped Snape. It's called Restricted Section and contains all of the hot, poorly-written erotic Harry Potter fan fiction you could ever want. Okay enough of the sarcastic intro. This is some sick shit.

You have to register to read the stories (lawyers don't understand what it is to sign up for a web site so the webmaster is safe from lawsuits for the time being) but the descriptions are enough to make you want to kill the Internet.

Anything For Harry by Bella Ireland (NC-17 - Hermione/Snape) Hermione goes to drastic measures to ensure she gets pregnant.

Fixation by Pandoras Aquarium (NC-17 - Charlie/Ginny) Charlie begins to have an obsession with his youngest sister, will he have her? Or be forced to be alone. *rape/incest*

You (And Your Control Issues) by Aspen (NC-17 - Draco/Harry) Draco finds himself trapped, and Harry has his wicked way.

Longing for Freedom by MrsSiriusLupin (NC-17 - Luna/Draco) Luna Lovegood is sick of feeling trapped she wants nothing more than to be free. WARNING: extremely brutal rape.

Extremely brutal rape?! SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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