ThE BiTcHeS - Pwnage Clan, submitted by me. Really, after seeing the name of this site do you need me to say anything more? When the general stupidity displayed by 98% of people in online games is mixed with the trademark "grrl gamer" attitude and a healthy avoidance of the fundamentals of spelling and grammar, a truly terrible site is conceived. This is way dumber than that site.

A new clan has born ! Not just another clan,but the ultimate clan !

A clan full of BiTcHeS ! Love to play the game in all his glorie ! Love's to own the game ! Hates cheating and cheaters !

Nobody knows the true identity of ThE BiTcHeS,they are the unknown warriors.

You will find no special info on this site ! They want to stay unknown .......

They accept all challenges for wars ! But remember,they don't play friendlies,only official clanbase wars !

They saw,they came,they concurred !

They will BiAtCh your ass !

That's pretty much the majority of the content on their site. BiAtChing people's asses is, after all, a very time consuming endeavor.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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