Originaldo's Celebrity Swapshots™, submitted by google image search. Did you ever wonder what would happen if Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka's Something Awful Dot Com existed in a bizzarro universe where it was a unfunny pile of festering shit? I bet the bizzaro Bob "Bobservo" Mackey would have to pay bizzaro Lowtax to work at bizzaro Something Awful, am I right? And Photoshop Phriday would be more like Photoshop Monday!!! Oh and since that wasn't funny, take a look at this:

Originaldo's Celebrity Swapshots™ isn't just filled with terribly conceived and produced ideas; it also has a strange conservative slant that I don't want to figure out. But I bet thousands of secretaries around the world get hilarious faxes with images from Originaldo's Celebrity Swapshots™ on them that soon get pinned up in cubicles, upstaging the office cut-up who won't shut the fuck up about it not being Friday.

You know who else would probably like Originaldo's Celebrity Swapshots™? Your mom.

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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