Xzyst, submitted by bking. Warning: clicking on the ALOD resizes your browser window. If you're in the market for a sweet redesign of your Dragon Ball Z fan page look no further than Xzyst. Xzyst is a master web designer with over forty years experience in the field. Marvel at his sample work.

someone once told me, 'to simply exist means nothing.'
but as far as i am concerned, you must exist, before your life can mean anything.

if you are looking for a creative visionary, read on.
else, you can search google for 'website designers'.

I think I'll take your advice and check Google. He's also working on an online game but he can't do it alone.

anyone interested with any the following skills:
php/databasing, database/security, graphic design, story editing, game design.
this game needs a secure database, and the ability to support multiplayer interaction.
so far my efforts have all but failed.
i have most of it working, but i do not have time to do this on my own. so i am calling for gamers,
or designers interested in making an online game, for help.
this would be for your own achievements. no money will be used as reimbursement.

It's master web designer visionary Xzyst for all your design needs, if your design needs mean embedded midis that is.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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