The Party Has Already Begun..., submitted by soy. Yes, the party has already begun... and I want the hell out. This page features some of the most disturbing animated gifs and pictures that you'll ever see. Apparently some lady obsessed with her 15 billion cats has decided to hold an online party about them, detailing their wacky adventures and escapades. Since she wants the page to be accessible to children of all ages, she has cleverly used Paintbrush to draw bizarre, alien clothing on these cats. Don't ask. Includes riveting conversations like the following:

Cheech) Oh my mew are sure a cutie..Im cheech,would mew like to dance?

Pennie) Mew Mew Im Pennie, and mew are cute too. Id luff to dance wif mew,(giglegigle).

This page will help us all realize we are horrible monsters and indeed pray for death.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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