Da World of Chinkzilla, submitted by Edward. "the illest Chink who ever was set free on dis world!!!" With mad rhymes like the following, I don't know how anybody can doubt that.

Yo baby girl I play dis sweet tune for you
Dedicate a whole song for my lovy dovy boo boo
I can go on forever cuz you sparked me wit love
All trouble seems to go away as soon as I receive DA hug

Yeeeeah, sure. Chinkzilla also has quite a few unsavory pastimes, as his page claims he's been "raping" since the "end of July 97."

PS:His page says "SIGN MY PAGE OR GET YO FINGGUZ BROKEN OFF!!!!!!!!!!!", so I guess that means I should encourage everybody out there to sign his guestbook. WERD.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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