sitegoauide for pietje precies pun dotery, submitted by Michel. I have absolutely no idea how to describe this, and even if I did, I would get sued for using them. This site is like a rainbow enema plastered across a chunk of asphalt. I have no idea what its purpose is, why it exists, or how many jugs of moonshine the author ingested before writing it.

So this flex-twist-tensilarating-squeeze and pump-kin kind of thing ---- lends sighnz of life's cycling and breath wrested from death's cling ---- as minute traces ---- to thus mobilized marble's smile cracking and mud washed off its shine tracking faces, ---- it grits, frits and spins life from rocks, wittingly recycling and breaking up the relatively collective same ---- into the more individual and minute momentae of a multigeared game ---- which speeds naked inertia's pent up clocks on a return to spirited nonracist, asexist and intimate contact without shame. (note: I believe voluntary racisms and dominisms are nothing but natural and unavoidable hyrarchies as in same but different stages between terrestr- and celestial rock specks dustballs and everyting in between. Down here the biggest crumblers, classifyers and size reducers are the least scrupleless of unfair dealing though;good thing we remain so close to the dumbnumbness of inertia or else we would suffer . . . .or no, we would not suffer the children.... . . .. . )

Yeah, what he said. This site simply boogles my mind, and every time I try to even thing about it, my brain shuts down and tries to escape from my nasal cavity. Oh well, if you don't like the link, just sue me.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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