Dimensions Weight Room (thanks threefive) - WARNING: PRETTY GROSS STUFF.

As the obesity problem facing this country gets even bigger, more and more people are takings steps to combat it. While this is happening there is a strange and disturbing corner of the world dedicated to fattening women up as part of some weird emotional domination and physical destruction fetish. Yeah, we don't have enough of those.

This site seems to be a veritable buffet of feeder pictures, discussion, information, and other ghastly insights into the sexual fetish of putting women at risk for heart attacks and diabetes and whatever else kills fat people naturally. I guess some guys aim for getting a girl that looks good in a bikini, while others aim for a girl who can barely fit inside one of those Wal-Mart shopping scooters and ends up creating a logjam in cereal aisle.


I suppose the appeal to the ladies involved is pretty straightforward. Rather than work to keep in shape and healthy, which can be frustrating and difficult for some, just take pictures of yourself eating salted hams on your webcam while guys cheer you on and boost your self-esteem with reverse psychology. Never mind the fact that you'll eventually become immobile and your couch cushions will eventually graft to your skin, this one guy is nice and loves stuffing cake in your mouth and banging your fat folds. It's true love for sure.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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