mobutu: how can i do a brief linky piece about labor?

garbageday: if you can find some sort of way to do it in awful link of the day you could have a slot today

mobutu: pfff, no idea

garbageday: any anti-union sites that could be a jump-off? how about

mobutu: No way. The amount of space needed to deal with that kinda misinformation is at least 1,000 words.

mobutu: That's the luxury of making shit up: everyone else works harder just to make facts real

mobutu: but the easiest way to understand who's really behind that site would be just reading this or this

garbageday: well, i'll just leave it here and people can explore it at their own horror and rebut it at their own leisure. or if they don't want to dig around that site too much, they can just watch this subtly racist 30-second ad and get the gist.

garbageday: oh, and i'll go ahead and link to the Top 5 Mobutu Blog Posts about Labor for some additional reading.

lmao that guys face looks fucked up as hell -- wayne gretzky

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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