Yeah, yeah, it's a long, stupid, boring video blog. I'm including this because is it just me, or is it really fucked up to hear someone say crazy ass conspiracy wacky religious shit in a British accent? This experience seriously ranks up there with finding out the Easter Bunny isn't real or that George Bush doesn't care about black people.
Paradigm. Shifted.

Critics Corner

(these are all posts by the guy who posted the video)

"To: hazard02
Actually the reason for the "dark ages" was Satanists mis-using the Word of God as they usualy do.

This video is about the LHC by the way.

Do try and stay on track or you may sound unreasonable and disregarding of commn sense and the ability to reason."

"To: Ishxan
Breathe all you like!


What is between our ears is a vacuum!"

"To: mrbtardation

Like I said call NASA and make a wally of yourself

You can thrust all you like but if theres NOTHING to thrust against YOU GO NOWHERE!

There is no atmosphere in space to push against!

Got it yet!?"

"To: Ishxan

The word "Moron" is Greek, it means child.
The word you meant to use but are devoid of any understanding in the greek language is "Moros".

If you think it is physicaly possible to change direction in space then call NASA and tell them you have managed to do what they cant. Call the Kremlin and China while your at it. You will be rich and famous by the same day. I will be watching the News for you (Not)

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